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Happy Clients

Thank you for selling my house. Your advice on the renos/improvements to be done, the decorating and the landscaping were spot on. I appreciated that you negotiated the price with me and were patient sorting out what was possible in this market. I am grateful that you were always there for me with patience and good humour. Finally, congratulations on getting a perfect offer from the first person who walked through the door.

Wahoo. You did it.

- Suzanne

Those are 3 pretty cute kids in the paper. Thank you so much Janice for being so amazing and helping us sell our house so quickly and also finding our new forever home! Just a few more weeks and we will be there too! Without you, we would have been lost through this all! And we miss you! Thank you!

- Lacey and Adam

Thanks for being you. It is so nice to have someone as great as you to reply upon. I know what a big deal it is to buy a home, and an incredible feeling to buy your first home. As a parent, I want to be able to give wise advise on such a big purchase. It was so nice to be able to download any advice I wanted to give as a parent to a child buying a home, to you. You have helped both my daughters purchase their first homes and they have told me that the only advice they would need, would come from you. That takes great confidence and respect from me to be able to let go. Yet, you made it so easy. You are one of a kind. I am so very lucky to have you on our side. This is a really long winded way to say what I really wanted to say, which is, Thank you!!

- Ray

What a whirlwind. First off, we never thought we would move again so soon. But we found our Dream House and couldn’t let it slip away. I’m really not sure how you did it but in a span of 1 month you got us out of our old house and into our dream home. You directed our list of must-do reno’s and we got to work. Then you helped us buy our dream house and navigate a conditional sale. Finally, once our reno’s were done you listed and sold our existing house within 3 days. 3 days! It was a stressful month to say the least but there is absolutely no way we could have done it all without you. You were there for us every step of the way; you quite literally made our dreams come true. We cannot thank you enough!

- Kendra

"Thanks for all your patience and perseverance in selling our property. Everything was dealt with very promptly and efficiently. You succeeded where others failed! You did a great job."

- Pat

"Thank you for your time, expertise and professionalism. We truly appreciate your efforts."

- Dan and Carolin

"I would like to thank you for your great advice. It was a pleasure to go through this whole process (even the stress) because of you. You are gifted with people and represent your clients with smarts and professionalism. I really enjoyed meeting you and will recommend your services to everyone seeking help in real estate."

- Sylvie

"We want to thank you again, for helping us find our new home. We couldn’t have done it without you. Much appreciation and best regards."

- Anna and Murray

"We couldn’t have done it without your great service."

- Dave and Pat

"Thanks, Janice, for everything. We are both feeling really good and happy with our decision. I can’t wait to have you through the house in a few years when we are ready to list and buy again!! We loved working with you and would definitely recommend you."

- Kendra and Glen

"Dear Janice,

We just wanted to say a big thanks for all the hard work you did on our behalf. This was a Big move for our family and we could not have done it so successfully without you. You seem to have perfected the delicate balance of aggression and compassion. We appreciate your big heart. A real estate transaction can easily be a cold and calculating deal but your warmth and spirit made it so much more than that. Again, thank you for your professionalism and your sensitivity."


- Heather and Steve

"Thank you so much for all your guidance as we prepared our property for sale. Your understanding of the local market as well as your knowledge of how to prepare our home for sale were instrumental in us receiving the amount we were anticipating. Thank you so much for all your help. We could not have done this without you!"

- Neil and Tracey

Testimonial from Mike and Christine Anderson"Janice never tried to suggest settling or buying a property that wasn't perfect for us.

Janice is a professional, courteous, and dedicated real estate agent. It has been a pleasure working with her, and would do so again without hesitation."

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- Mike and Christine Anderson

Ann and I decided to send you a little note saying how impressed we are with the MLS listing and especially the new pictures. They look nothing at all like the last pictures that were posted and they show the house in a much better light and we couldn’t be happier.

Our interaction with you has far exceeded our expectations and we only wish we had found our voice sooner since this has made the experience much less stressful and allowed us to breathe again.

Thanks again for all your hard work, we appreciate it and we would highly recommend you to anyone.

- Don and Ann

Bada-bing, bada-boom! You rock. Thank you soooo very much for helping our family!

- Tanya